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Equipment for Transportation and Logistics

 Product for Bridges
The products such as cable saddle and cable band for bridges made by WMMP are widely used in China, for example, for Xiamen Haicang Bridge, Wuhan Yangluo Changjiang Bridge, Nanjing Changjiang Bridge, MaAnshan Changjiang Bridge and so on. WuHan Hirun Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd under WMMP has the complete production facilities for the support for highway, railroad and bridge. Especially support for ball-type steel, basin-type rubber and board-type rubber have been widely used in Wuguang High-speed Railway, Wuhu Changjiang Bridge, Nanjing DaShengguan Changjiang Bridge, Wuhan TianXinzhou Changjiang Bridge and so on for construction of high-speed railway and bridge. At same time, by means of the ascendant equipment on the right geographic condition, WMMP has developed elastic modeled damper, electromagnetism damper and so on for special series products of bridge in cooperation with Research Institute.

Technical Support:Shipol
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